At Siser®, we understand the time and monetary investment you have in your heat transfer vinyl business.  Since 1970 we have engineered and manufactured the highest quality materials possible to improve, protect, and strengthen that investment.  Our goal is not only to manufacture the best heat transfer vinyl on the market, but to make sure you get the results you desire with excellent customer service and technical support.  In order to accomplish this we have carefully selected industry professionals who sell, understand and support Siser products.  These professionals are what we call Siser Authorized Distributors.  To select these independent companies, Siser qualifies their business, provides product and application guidelines and offers continued support at events, online and through the Siser App.

In addition to being traditional brick and mortar retail shops, some of our dealers operate online stores.  Unfortunately some materials on the internet are not authentic Siser heat transfer vinyl; potentially second-hand, obsolete or discontinued products that may be falsely represented.  To ensure that you are using genuine Siser heat transfer vinyl & print and cut materials, please purchase directly from a Siser Authorized Distributor.  Most Authorized distributors will display a “Siser Authorized Distributor” logo on their web site that when clicked, links you to their distributor certificate on If you have any questions about if the seller you are talking to is authorized, please contact us at

Many heat transfer materials on Amazon or ebay may appear to be or may directly be called Siser products when in fact, they are not! After manufacturing millions of rolls of heat transfer vinyl  for over 40 years there are many discontinued, used, re-boxed or obsolete materials that have been placed on the internet and represented as new and first quality. Siser is limited in what we can do with materials purchased outside our dealer network that are purported to be Siser materials. We are available to verify whether the product is being sold by an Authorized Dealer and whether it is genuine or not. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, please call us at 866.301.9409 or for any questions regarding our heat transfer vinyl products.

Team Siser